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How To Build A Highly Profitable 6-Figure Personal Brand From Scratch

Would You Like To...

Simplify Your Sales Process

With High Converting Landing Pages And A Step By Step Sales Funnel That Actually Makes Sense?​

Impact Your Audience

With A Message That Deeply Resonates With Your Fans And Compels Them To Buy From YOU (And No One Else?)

Build Your Brand Faster

With Cutting-Edge YouTube, Instagram, And Facebook Growth Strategies?

Ramp Up Your Revenue

By Transforming Your Business Into A Machine That Systematically Turns Strangers Into Adoring Fans And Repeat Buyers?

But of course, it's not all about the tactics...

What If You Could...

Remove The Mental Blindspots

That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Success And Holding You Back From Reaching The Next Level?

Build Bulletproof Confidence

To Take Bigger Risks, Delegate LIKE A BOSS And Sell More Effectively On Sales Calls?

Upgrade Your Network

Surrounding Yourself With A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals Who Can Inspire You To Achieve More?

Create A Proper Work-Life Balance

To Actually Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Hard-Work And Live A Balanced And Fulfilling Lifestyle?


We're Here To Help!

Whether you’re just starting out or have millions of followers, our team of strategic advisors and world-class copywriters are here to help you take your business to the next level.

With 14+ years experience in the coaching industry and online marketing world, Wade Alters Consulting is an end-to-end consulting agency designed to:

Help best-selling authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs
transform their personal brands into highly profitable businesses.

If you’re looking to launch a course online, build a new
coaching program, overhaul your entire sales funnel, or just don’t know where to get started…

We offer a variety of courses, consulting packages, and “Done for You” services based on your specific needs, with battle-tested results that are proven to 2X, 5X, even 10X your revenue and profits.

What Clients Are Saying...

“We had a challenging product launch coming up and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help than Wade.  

Not only does he have a wide experience of being the face of multiple 6-figure product launches a year…

…but he’s also an expert in every part of it:  Creating the product from scratch, writing the sales copy, doing the marketing on social media, and setting up an extraordinary funnel.   

 A++  Can’t recommend him highly enough!” 

Grant Sabatier

New York Times Best-Selling Author | Financial Freedom

“My online business has been successful for many years, but I knew that I wasn’t keeping pace with my industry.  Wade helped us launch an updated website with fresh sales copy, new pricing, and an optimized sales funnel complete with training for my sales team…

Immediately our conversion rate doubled and we soon broke our record for our highest revenue month.  What I like most about working with Wade is he doesn’t use manipulative tactics like a lot of online sales guys, instead he focuses on how to make your message clearer and present more value to your people.”

Tim Schmoyer

Certified YouTube Growth Expert (480,000+ YouTube Subscribers)

“Working with Wade over the last year has completely revolutionized the way I do business.  I had always been looking for a marketing wizard that could create systems within in my business for long term growth, and Wade was able to provide that and more!

From marketing, to course creation, to life coaching, Wade is multi-talented expert making him such a great asset that I can rely on over and over again for my business.  He’s given me a ton of new confidence in myself and my business and I’m happy to have him as a partner on this journey!”

Mike Greenfield

Founder of Pro Home Cooks (1.4 Million YouTube Subscribers)

A 360° Approach to Sales and Marketing Success

A 360° Approach to Sales and Marketing Success

The internet marketing world is riddled with wannabe gurus and scam artists trying to make a quick buck online.

What separates us from the rest is our ability to help our clients build incredibly persuasive and compelling sales funnels without the sleaze or selling your soul to “The Internet Marketing Swamp.”

We also make sure to look “Beneath the Hood,” uncovering mental blindspots, negative belief patterns, and mindset shifts that are holding you back from success.

(Because of this intimate approach to business, we are highly

selective with who we work with.  All consulting packages require an application process to see if you qualify.)

So if you’d like to learn how we can help YOU take your business to the next level…

Here's What To Do Next...

No matter what stage your business is at today,
we have a package specifically designed for you:

The Sales Seduction System

Done With You

Learn how to build a highly profitable 6-figure personal brand in this Group Coaching + Video program by selling “Hybrid Courses” through your social media and YouTube channel.

The Chosen 20

1-on-1 Coaching

Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching with Wade for High Level Entrepreneurs who want to upgrade EVERY aspect of their life (Mindset, business, productivity, and living a better lifestyle).

World Class Copywriting

Done For You

Need us to help you create your next winning marketing campaign, sales funnel, or product launch? We offer complete copywriting, strategic advisory packages by application only.

We’ve Helped Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs Build Highly Profitable Businesses…

And Now We Want To Help You!

“My marketing agency just hit six-figures, and I’m traversing the globe like Indiana Jones, which is crazy because a year ago this business didn’t even exist.”

Jake Yates

Las Vegas, NV USA

“The program really brought things out of me that I didn’t know were there, and ways of interpreting my story and reconnected me with why I was doing it in the first place.”

Dr. Cody Rall

Chicago, IL USA

“Wade’s business coaching helped me consistently generate 75+ new sales leads/week to the point where I was able to quit my day job after only 4 months!”

Millar Montgomery

Melbourne, Australia

Get Cutting Edge
Marketing & Business Hacks

Every Week For Free On The Wade Alters Show

Get Cutting Edge
Marketing & Business Hacks

Every Week For Free On The Wade Alters Show

Meet Wade Alters

Wade Alters is an internationally renowned Marketing Advisor, Executive Coach, and Copywriter who has sold over $2.8 Million in online courses via his personal brand and consulting clients.

He is also the creator of “The Sales Seduction System” – A unique marketing and sales solution that helps influencers, coaches, and consultants build highly profitable 6-figure personal brands from scratch.  Read More >>

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