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Wade Alters Consulting is a boutique course publishing house helping YouTube Creators create, launch, and sell industry-leading online courses

Trusted By Top YouTube Creators:

Grant Sabatier

Millennial Money

NYT Best-Selling Author

"Can't Recommend Highly Enough"

"We had a challenging product launch coming up and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help than Wade..."

Tim Schmoyer

Video Creators

480,000+ YouTube Subs

"Our Highest Revenue Month Yet!"

"Wade helped us launch an updated website with fresh sales copy, new pricing, and an optimized sales funnel complete with training my team..."

Mike Greenfield

Pro Home Cooks

1.4 Million YouTube Subs

"Completely Revolutionized The Way I Do Business"

"From marketing, to course creation, to coaching - Wade is a multi-talented expert that I rely on in my business..."

Rachel Smith

Rachel's English Academy

2.1 Million YouTube Subs

Mitch Miller

Opposed Media

World Class Copywriter

“Great Copywriter, Persuader, Mentor, And Consultant"

“If you’re thinking about working with Wade in business, marketing, persuasion or sales, you’ll be talking with a real master…”

Your Partner On The Path To Creating A Highly Successful Online Course

Creating an online course is hard.
It’s even harder when you don’t know how to sell it.

Here’s how we do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of selling an online course without the headaches or hassle:

In-Depth Market Research
We start by surveying your audience and researching your competitors to create a detailed marketing strategy for your “Best in Class” course
Course Creation
We work with you to build a transformational course curriculum with specific buying triggers to guarantee a successful launch and ongoing sales
Turn-Key Tech
We use cutting edge software to deliver a professionally designed course experience for your customers that’s consistent with your brand
Our team of world-class copywriters will build a high converting “sales funnel” with sales pages, video scripts, and emails that maximize your revenue without the hype or sales gimmicks
Sales Automation
Finally, we’ll automate the entire process so every video you publish leads directly to more course sales – Creating a new passive income stream that’s fully under your control

Here's Why Selling On YouTube Is Different

With nearly 8 years of experience selling courses online, we know that selling on YouTube is different.

Creators have a much stronger connection with their audience, and if you try to sell too hard, it turns fans away.

Which is why we focus on in-depth market research, building a course that speaks directly to your audience and “sells itself” without the hype.

No need for sneaky marketing tactics or fake scarcity gimmicks, instead you’ll have a best in class, transformational course with rave reviews and a sales process you can be proud of.

Meet Our Partners

“We had a challenging product launch coming up and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help than Wade.  

Not only does he have a wide experience of being the face of multiple 6-figure product launches a year…

…but he’s also an expert in every part of it:  Creating the product from scratch, writing the sales copy, doing the marketing on social media, and setting up an extraordinary funnel.   

 A++  Can’t recommend him highly enough!” 

Grant Sabatier

New York Times Best-Selling Author | Financial Freedom

“My online business has been successful for many years, but I knew that I wasn’t keeping pace with my industry.  Wade helped us launch an updated website with fresh sales copy, new pricing, and an optimized sales funnel complete with training for my sales team…

Immediately our conversion rate doubled and we soon broke our record for our highest revenue month.  What I like most about working with Wade is he doesn’t use manipulative tactics like a lot of online sales guys, instead he focuses on how to make your message clearer and present more value to your people.”

Tim Schmoyer

Certified YouTube Growth Expert (480,000+ YouTube Subscribers)

“Working with Wade over the last year has completely revolutionized the way I do business.  I had always been looking for a marketing wizard that could create systems within in my business for long term growth, and Wade was able to provide that and more!

From marketing, to course creation, to life coaching, Wade is multi-talented expert making him such a great asset that I can rely on over and over again for my business.  He’s given me a ton of new confidence in myself and my business and I’m happy to have him as a partner on this journey!”

Mike Greenfield

Founder of Pro Home Cooks (1.4 Million YouTube Subscribers)

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Meet Wade Alters

Wade Alters is a “Retired YouTube Creator” who from 2012 – 2014 sold over $2.8 Million in online courses through his YouTube channel teaching dating advice and self improvement.

After multiple clients asked him to help launch their own courses online, in 2018 he transitioned into full service copywriting and course publishing for YouTube Creators.

Within a few short years he has now partnered with some of the top YouTube Creators in their niches, and personally overseen 20+ successful course launches with clients.

Currently residing in Santa Monica, California with his girlfriend of 8 years, he spends most of his time reading esoteric copywriting and persuasion books, and snowboarding in the winter.

Let's Get Started Creating Your Online Course

Because of our intimate approach to business, we are highly selective with who we work with and only partner with Creators we believe can create a best in class course.

If you’d like to work with us, please tell us a bit about your channel and why you’d like to create a course, and we’ll get back to you shortly to set up a call if you’re a good fit.