Hey, Wade here.

You might be asking yourself, “What is Lifestyle Development?”

Well, that phrase has a lot of different meanings for me.

It’s a life philosophy more than anything, constantly striving and growing to better yourself in every capacity.

It encompasses things like: fitness, diet, traveling the world, financial freedom, developing self esteem and confidence, as well as having amazing relationships with friends and family.

Like many people, I lived most my life stuck in The Rat Race, on the path to attending medical school, and constantly trying to “keep up with the Jones.”

But during a “quarter life crisis,” haha, I felt something needed to change, which led me into the personal development industry.

From there I started reading voraciously, reading more than 500 self development and philosophy books over the course of 5 years.

I also started traveling the world as an executive coach for one of the largest dating advice companies teaching personal growth, self esteem, and self actualization to literally THOUSANDS of people.

Traveling the world was great, helping others even better, but financially my world was a mess.

I didn’t know how to budget, or have the right mindset to truly build a life of financial freedom, and after years of gallivanting around the world, it all culminated in a 4 month bender between Stockholm and Rio de Janeiro, going out every night, eating extravagant dinners, and living off of my credit card.

Then I turned 30.  Haha.

Heading back to my hometown in Wisconsin, living in my parents basement, with tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, not to mention never ending student loan payments, I finally decided that something needed to change.

The biggest thing that holds most people back from becoming an entrepreneur is the fear of failure.

Fear of losing money, or TIME.  Fear of failing and being embarrassed, worrying about how others will judge you.

But when you are in a position like I was, accidentally “burning the boats,” there is no alternative.

Through the process of trial and error, many failed projects, and some amazing mentors, I finally created a business and lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams.

As always, enjoy the site!


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