Almost Quit Because Of Health Problems…

Almost Quit Because Of Health Problems…

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Yo whadup!

As you know, I had eye issues last year that almost made me blind.

… I’ve also pushed myself so hard that I’ve given myself ulcers (you don’t wanna know how bad the pain was…)

Doing product launches or going 150% into my business has crashed me in ways I didn’t think was possible.

When I ignored my health – it destroyed my life.

What I’ve learned is: you have to give health your priority.

And with the New Year, it’s one of my top goals to do it now.

So this week, I brought on a health coach who has who has spent the past 8 years (and over 10,000+ hours) on nutrition planning, personal fitness and studying the psychology of high performance: Mario Tomic.

I don’t wanna be another person who nags you about the “pros and cons” about being healthy…

But if you’re an entrepreneur whose really invested into growing your business and getting the lifestyle you want, you’re creating traps for yourself that’ll destroy everything you’ve done if you ignore your health (as I’ve learned from hard-earned experience).

Here’s how you can become more productive as an entrepreneur & maximize your potential:

  • Peak performance techniques so you can accomplish your goals in record time [36:00]
  • The point of diminishing returns when pushing yourself so you can stay balanced and consistent with your goals [25:00]


We also talked about how Mario built his business from zero followers and no brand to over 100K+ followers. And here’s what you can leverage to create traffic and become an authority:

  • How his ‘crappy’ YouTube videos exploded his business success (rather than his ‘good’ ones) and why you should upload content you don’t think is good [21:30]
  • How Mario built an audience and transformed them into a business; understanding the dynamics behind traffic & conversion (and selling to customers) [16:30]
  • Why Mario stopped the Digital Nomad Lifestyle and how it helped him 10X his business (and why you shouldn’t be a Digital Nomad either!) [9:50]


Click HERE to listen to the latest podcast and improve your health & content marketing strategy for your business.

One last thing I want to know…

What’s the #1 thing you’re going to change about your health routine this year?

Cheers and happy new year!

– Wade


Have you planned for the new year? Or are you still spinning your wheels & procrastinating?

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