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Dear Creator,

If you’ve made it to this page, it means you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level…

And you’re ready to see how my team and I can help you achieve your goals, just like we’ve done for these Top YouTube Creators and Authors:

Here Are A Few Of Our Clients

Tim Schmoyer
Mike Greenfield
Rachel Smith
Grant Sabatier
AJ Harbinger
Dr. Boz
Dr. Cody Rall
Chris Winter

Here’s How We Create Performance Driven Results For Our Partners

After nearly 15 years in the industry, I’m lucky to have ongoing partnerships with some amazing people.

Many of our clients have worked with us for years, and I’m personally involved in the strategic vision of EVERY partner we work with.

Because of this intimate approach to business, we are highly selective with who we work with, and only on-board 2-3 new clients PER QUARTER.

And while I’ve never considered myself a salesman…

One Of My Biggest Passions Is Helping Creators And Entrepreneurs With Their Marketing Strategy

(Whether or not we get hired to help you with your copywriting)

Which is why, for a very limited time, I’m giving you the opportunity to work directly with me:

The way to get started, is by first investing in a Strategic Marketing Session with me. (One-time fee of $250*)

*Normally I only do Marketing Consulting for existing clients. (Project fees start at $15,000 + Royalties)

There Are 3 Possible Outcomes From Your Strategic Marketing Session

You’ll get a lot of value from the Strategy Session and you’ll want to hire our team to do the copywriting, design, and implementation of your Strategic Marketing Gameplan

(If we’re mutually aligned, your Strategic Marketing Session fee will be a deposit towards our work together)

You’ll get a lot of value from the Strategy Session, and you’ll want to implement what you learn on your own

(No worries! I can guarantee you’ll get more than 10X the value of your fee, and have plenty of action items to immediately implement)

You don’t find the Strategy Session valuable. If so, just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your fee.

(This has never happened.)

Got Questions?

Please click the tabs below to answer any questions you might have about your Strategic Marketing Session...

A: This is not a sales call. You’re actually getting a (discounted and risk-free) Strategic Marketing Session with me personally – Where we’ll de-construct your entire business and marketing strategy and create a Strategic Gameplan to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

After this call, you’ll not only have a crystal clear gameplan to monetize your audience more effectively, we’ll also both know if we’re aligned to work together on a higher level.

Wade Alters Consulting is very selective about who we partner with (and we only onboard 2-3 new clients PER QUARTER), so please make sure to read the “Who We’re A Good Fit For” below if you’re interested in our done-for-you services.
A: We’ll dive into your business and marketing and uncover the highest leverage opportunities to maximize your revenue AND impact your audience on a higher level.

Here’s a few things we’re likely to get into on the call:

  • Brainstorming online course ideas that your audience would be excited to buy and how to price it accordingly for maximum return on your time and energy
  • Audit your current sales funnel for immediate improvements to landing pages and design ideas to stop losing leads and sales
  • Gain clarity on your business AND lifestyle goals, to make sure you’re maintaining a proper work-life balance as you grow your business
  • If you choose to implement on your own (without hiring Wade Alters Consulting) we’ll cover what tools and software are best for fast and efficient implementation
A: If you’re still reading this page, then it’s highly likely you’ll get 10X the value you invest in your Strategy Session. (Even if you don’t hire us to help you implement it) However, if you don’t see obvious ROI from our call, just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your money.
A: Based on availability, I do maintain a few Marketing Consulting clients, even if you don’t hire us for copywriting services. Currently the way to do so is to first have our initial Strategy Session, followed by a retainer agreement of $1,200/month or a Flexible 12 Hour Consulting Package at $6,000.
A: Consider this Strategy Session the start of our working relationship, in terms of both your time and your financial investment. Plus, I always want to connect for at least one call first to make sure our values and goals align before committing to a longer term partnership.
A: Oh yeah! I’m happy to offer you a one-time Strategy Session even if you know in advanced you’re not going to hire us. Just let me know up front so I can make sure to give as much value as possible on your call. If you’d like further Marketing Consulting after this session, you can purchase a Flexible 12 Hour Consulting Package at $6,000.
You’re A Good Fit If:
  • You have a large engaged audience on YouTube, email, podcast, or book sales, and want to monetize your brand more effectively
  • You want to launch a digital course but have no idea where to start or how to launch it
  • You already have a product or service and want to increase your conversions and sales or “evergreen” it for automated sales (passive income)
  • Your content is in alignment with our values as a company (authenticity, high integrity, best in class, and transformational) – and you want to spread your message to more people

You’re Not A Good Fit If:
  • You’re just starting out and don’t have an audience yet
  • You’re generating less than $100,000 in gross annual revenue (Or aren’t funded)
  • You’re not currently generating any profits and expect our copywriting expertise to instantly transform your business
  • You aren’t willing to invest in the long term success of your business (Our done-for-you packages start at $15,000 + Royalties)*
*Note on pricing: Even if you’re not ready to invest in your business at this level yet, I’m still happy to do Marketing Consulting with you to help you build a business that ultimately could be a great fit for us to work together long term.

At the end of our call, we’ll both know if we’re a good fit to work together, and can discuss which package is best for you and your business!

Ready To Upgrade Your Marketing And Unlock The Hidden Profit Potential In Your Business?

Step 1: Enter your information below, then pay $250 for your Strategic Marketing Session

Step 2: Tell me more about your business and your goals so I can provide 10X the value on our call

Step 3: Book your preferred time on my calendar

Step 4: Get ready for an epic call and more profits in your bank account!

Discover Why Top Industry Leaders Trust Wade Alters Consulting With Their Brands

Adam Matthews - Founder of Apotheo

“The value I’ve gotten out of working with Wade has been ridiculous. Before working with him I was lacking direction in my life, dissatisfied with my relationship, pissed off with my job, and had stagnated in the gym.

Over the last 18 months Wade helped me master the mindset necessary to turn my $1k/month side project into a 7 figure business, allowing me to quit my dayjob and do what I love full time.”

Till Gross - Founder of Course Concierge

“I was blown away by Wade’s in-depth knowledge of marketing and creating successful businesses online… He’s also a fantastic coach, and one of the people I rely on most when facing any big life decision or am stuck in my own business.”