Becoming a Ruthless, Cut-Throat Manipulator for Money, Power & Fame

Becoming a Ruthless, Cut-Throat Manipulator for Money, Power & Fame

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Whatup! Wade here.

Manipulation gets a bad reputation… but if you want to be successful, you have to do whatever it takes to get your clients to take action.

After all, I’m getting paid THOUSANDS of dollars to get results for my clients. And I’ve found that manipulating them is the only way to get them to move forward.

It’s usually the PERSON, not the obstacle, that holds people back from achieving their goals.

I studied under one of the top leaders of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, Barbara Stepp, for 3 years to deeply understand what persuades and motivates us.

And what persuasion really comes down to is being effective communicator.

I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who have great businesses that can do so much for the customers they want to serve.

But struggle to communicate the end result of what their customers TRULY want…

So they never get the sales calls or leads they’re dying for.

You have to be able to persuasively communicate (and manipulate) those desires to your customer or prospects.

So if you want to learn how to be a more effective communicator, you need to check out this week’s podcast.

I’m showing you how to tap into subconscious desires and attract others to what you have to offer.

And using Persuasion at whatever costs necessary!!

Muahahaha… 😉

Click here to listen!

And as always,


– Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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