Don’t Do THIS: Huge Mistake That Made Me Fire 6 Employees

Don’t Do THIS: Huge Mistake That Made Me Fire 6 Employees

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Audio Masterclass Show Notes:

The #1 trait that makes great copywriters [7:00]
Brad’s latest breakthrough epiphany to creating $1M copy [11:20]
The thing that always works and ALWAYS sells [22:30]

Millions of YouTube views… 100,000+ fans… Massive name in the industry… Gone.

CNN used to quote me in their relationship advice articles…

But then I had to drop the name Brad Branson… and become Wade Alters.

Re-build the brand… get my fans back… crush it again… That’s all I was thinking about.

I re-launched and I hired 6 virtual assistants.

… But I was wayyy too quick trying to grow the business without realizing my strategy was flawed.

So I completely blew it up and fired all the employees I just hired…

THEN I tried to do all the work myself … and I nearly went blind doing it (looking at damn screens all day…)

I had to reset.

But my strategy this time around has been so much better. Seeing insane growth already.

The biggest difference?

Rockstar Personal Brand and using ‘Inception’ Advertising (with hyper-targeted copywriting).

DEEP understanding of your customer…

The problems that keeps them up at night…

How they think about their problems…

Will help your message will stand out in a sea of noise.

Here’s what happens when you have solid copywriting:

  • Your audience look at you like a Guru.
  • They hang onto your word like a gospel.
  • They share you with their friends and people who face the same struggles.

The best part about all of this?

I have one of the best copywriters in the world on this week’s podcast! (plus myself… dream team!)

Usually you can’t even gain access to people like him.

He’s launched multi-million dollar campaigns, managed email lists with a million subscribers… and with this week’s episode, you’ll get some golden-nuggets that will immediately help you make a better offer, increase email open-rates and build loyal fans.

And it’s a lot easier than you might think!

So as always,


– Wade


These are some of the skills that I wish someone told me about when I was younger…

That can help make a mediocre business into a thriving one.

Just by the way you present your business to your customer.

Click HERE to check out what I’m talking about in this week’s podcast!

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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