My Favorite Books and How to Read More Effectively

My Favorite Books and How to Read More Effectively

Wooh!  First ever podcast here…

I recorded this late at night after a discussion with our team and wanted to get something out fast.

Glass of wine in hand, I cranked up the mic and got this baby in motion!

Let me know what you think, what type of topics you’d like me to discuss, and guests you think would be good for future shows…

I’ve already got a few friends and mentors lined up for future shows, so get ready…  It’s gonna be good!

Today’s Topic:

In today’s podcast I discuss some of my favorite books, why they’ve been so life changing for myself and many of my clients, and I go into some fundamentals of reading to help you retain more of what you read and apply it effectively to your life.

Check it out:

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Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. Carl

    Awesome! Good job, Brad. I was just thinking the other day, if you made a podcast I would listen the shit out of it. Something to do while drinking my bulletproof coffee. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Leo

    Hey Brad, I know partly what you can see in this Rands books, but i actually have a big problem with a lot of her teachings (you read stuff from eckhard tolle as well compare his “Ego” with Rands absolute egoism). And you say its partly distopian (i just believe rand didnt think so). Also Rand is being used for extreme right wing and kapitalist political porpouses mostly.
    i looked for a english article you might check out, i dont know about the quality of the source since i a not a native speaker, but i read it and know the content is true:,_but_grabbed_social_security_and_medicare_when_she_needed_them
    Would be interesting what you think about that.

    1. Brad Branson

      Yeah, I mean with anything you have to take it with a grain of salt. Tony Robbins cheated on his wife all the time, Socrates hooked up with little boys, lol… You take the good and discard the rest. The reason I like Ayn Rand is for the things I mentioned in the podcast about perfect examples of men and their expression of self esteem. But do I agree that you can’t have ANY social system in a government? Well even Rand would say we need roads and police officers, but either way, she lived in a different century and had different views, mostly good which you can learn from, and some distorted ones from having to flee communist Russia which I’m sure left a bad taste in her mouth towards anything remotely socialist.

  3. Rian Doris

    You’ve got a great voice for this, going to be good! What are you’re thoughts on psychotherapy as a means of healing childhood wounds, removing defence mechanisms and building really solid self esteem?

    1. Brad Branson

      Hey man! Thanks! I think there are multiple paths towards “really solid self esteem” and uncovering and outgrowing unproductive thought patterns and behaviors that you developed earlier in life is a great way to live a better life. A good pyschotherapist can help with that, NLP has some great ways to understand these things as well, and then of course Nathaniel Branden’s 6 Pillars of Self Esteem for self esteem, especially as he was a pyschotherapist himself…

      1. Brad Branson

        Would be a fun topic to discuss on a podcast for sure.

    2. Lotta

      Oh yeah, fauobuls stuff there you!

  4. Adam

    It would be super useful if you did a “show notes” ie. names of all the books you talked about. Similar to what Tim Ferris does with his podcast/website.

    1. Brad Branson

      Sweet, yeah thanks man was thinking of doing this as well! I’m on it, might take a few episodes to implement but we’ll get this going for sure!

  5. Esteban Ibáñez

    Nice little piece of content Brad, really got me wanting to read and reread more. My suggestion for a future podcast would be to give some real life examples whether of yourself (which i would really like) or some of your guestsm about the implementation of the concepts of self development. I have problems with these because, even when i know these concepts, it is hard to apply them when life drags you down. Since i dont consider people around me to be guiding their lives through this principles, just living, it would be a nice resource to better my ecosystem via this blog. Thanks for the effort Brad, i await your next podcast.

  6. Jens Andersen

    I enjoyed this podcast. I was wondering why the podcast as a medium has not been made obsolete by video, and I think it might be because there’s value in leaving our visual faculties free to focus on notes in front of us, or to visually conceptualise the content being described.

    Something you did in this podcast that I think is very effective at communicating to your audience is relating the content to your own experience. Although it kinda goes without saying, self-disclosure and reference to your own experience make the content highly relatable – especially as you have generally achieved more in life than the majority of your audience. Somewhat related to this is the likelihood that your upcoming podcasts will cover various business-related topics. I think highlighting examples of challenges, successes and experiences you are having in the launch of your new business 3 Impact as well as past business will add a lot of value and relatability to listeners. You are already a fairly self-disclosing guy, but I just wanted to affirm that it’s a great way to build a relationship and a sense of trust with your audience. Your requests for our feedback and your responsiveness to comments is a good example of how one of the strengths you and this platform have, is in a strong, organic relationship with your audience/potential clients.

    1. Brad Branson

      Sick response man! Appreciate it! That’s a great idea for a podcast episode, getting full into detail of all the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. And it’s very true from the old days back when I had a blog that people like following along and seeing the growth of the business. It’s like a fun wild ride that everyone can learn from, without the risk. Except me, lol!. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Lanette

        Wow, that’s a really clever way of thkining about it!

  7. Ndando

    Hey Man, I find your values and topics inspiring. Especially the podcast Great Work..

  8. Robert

    Hi Brad. Two years ago I watched your YouTube video relating to the importance of reading. At that point–and this is sad–I hadn’t read anything outside of what was required for school. Long story short, I have now read over 150 books since your video, and my entire perception of the world (and reality in general) has been transformed. I just want to say thank you for changing my life. It’s kind of bittersweet though; I wasted so many of my formative years playing video games. You saved me from a very self-destructive and miserable existence. I’m truly happy for the first time in almost a decade.

    *Note: To anyone who may read this, I’m not condemning video games. They just had a bad effect on me personally.

    1. Wade Alters

      Hey man! That’s awesome, glad to hear it! Don’t be too hard on yourself, I was the same way in school. I never read a book through high school and pretty much into college. Funny how chasing girls led to me becoming an avid reader! Lol, and it’s never too late to start.

  9. Sam

    Hey Brad, do you read multiple books at a time? Let’s say different in morning and different in evening?

    Or, different books for different topics that you want to learn?

  10. Armike

    Not familiar with the books you mentioned. Can you list them down?

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