The 5 Success Paradigms Each Man Must Go Through For Massive Success

So this is probably my last solo podcast for a while here. Got a nice queue of special guests I’ll be having on over the next few episodes!!!

Also, I feel like I’m getting into the groove with this podcast thing, got a new microphone boom haha, and I’m enjoying the process of pumping these out.

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Today’s Topic:

What I want to crack into today are the 5 biggest learning lessons I’ve had so far that have impacted my life the most.

Time and again I’ve seen these same success barriers, sticking points, or self sabotage patterns in my clients, so by explaining my journey through each paradigm, my goal is to blast you through your current limiting beliefs and get you to the next level faster.

Here are the 5 Paradigms I dive into, (check out at the bottom of this post where I’ll link some of the books mentioned in today’s episode).

You are Not Your Emotions

It’s all about Strategy, Never Your Identity

Other than conscious communication, Law of attraction & Specificity in Your Personal Goals

Your Level of Success is in Direct Proportion To The Level of Risk You Take

Fulfillment = Growing in Every Area of Your Life

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Episode Book List:

The E-Myth Revisited

Thick Face, Black Heart

The Lean Startup

Ask & it is Given

A Brief History of Everything

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