My First 6-Figure Product Launch and LOSING $510,000 In A Day

In this episode, learn how Wade launched his first product, overcoming dozens of hurdles and roadblocks along the way.

And how you can get UN-STUCK from a life of mediocrity and procrastination.

About Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting


  1. Voytek

    To cheer you up, it was just a hypothetical loss and not a loss incurred. The latter is when you had 10 bricks contracted and then someone took that away from you or resigned from the pre-arranged agreement. Otherwise, you may accurately speak about a strategic loss, however, such a loss cannot be really or accurately be evaluated. It is just like saying that the fact that someone has not approached 10 girls equals 10 lost chances of getting laid, though it is not so because getting laid can easily be ineffective due to various reasons. In contrast to your example, I lost a significant sum of legally contracted money as a result of my “experimentations”. I had it worse : )

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