Going from 0 Youtube Subscribers to 1,000 per DAY!

Going from 0 Youtube Subscribers to 1,000 per DAY!

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3 Key Points:

  1. If you’re afraid to start from 0 subscribers, here’s someone who had a great strategy, mindset and attitude toward trying to accomplish his goal of building a personal brand.

  2. How do you choose your niche?

  3. The constant doubt you will have in quitting when you’re not getting any traction and are investing too much time and money into it, having to grind that out and ride the wave.

When’s the last time you quit on your dream or ambition because you thought it would be too hard to accomplish?

Or too much work to do?

Listen up!

My friend Max wanted to build a YouTube Personal Brand from scratch, with no knowledge of the platform (or the algorithm).

After 6 months he only had 1,000 subscribers.

… and he was working on it everyday.

New content… Recording… Editing…

Getting less than 100 views per new video.

He kept wondering why he was still doing this…

Because Max was already a super-successful entrepreneur.

He started multiple successful businesses, earning 7-figure revenues, and 19 employees to delegate daily operations too.

He had “more important things” to do, like putting out fires & running the businesses that we’re making money & revenue.

And he was pouring all his time, effort and energy into something that wasn’t working…

There are no secrets to success.

It’s the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

It reminds me of 98% of guys who tried starting their own brand / business / venture and quit after 3 months… am I right?

But Max didn’t give up.

He kept going (and in this podcast, he shares his intimate secret reason as to what kept him going).

And… before he knew it…

He had 50,000 Subscribers… within 6 months!!

Yup. I’m not kidding.

Want to know the secret that kept Max going?

Listen to this week’s podcast at the top of the page!

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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