Growth Strategy For Life & Business: Focusing On The 1%

Growth Strategy For Life & Business: Focusing On The 1%


Do you know what the Kaizen is?

It’s Japanese philosophy about the art of continual improvement.

Focusing on the 1% – day after day.

The problem is… 

When I’m working with clients or people who need help, they often don’t know what to focus on. 

Example: Some might think it’s important to work on their Sales Landing Page.

… But if they have no traffic, then there’s no point because no one will see it.

They should be focusing on traffic first. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to focus because the dynamics of business (and life) can be super complex.

That’s why the importance of having mentors, consultants and coaches can make-or-break your business (and life)!

They know what it takes to be successful and help guide you there.

Which is what this week’s podcast & YouTube video is about!

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And as always…



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