Here’s Why I’ll NEVER Work For Someone Else Again…

Here’s Why I’ll NEVER Work For Someone Else Again…

Whatup, Wade Here…

So I recently spoke at an event in Las Vegas with Timothy Marc, Tucker Max, and Neil Patel…

It was an epic event, over 150 entrepreneurs in the audience, and almost the entire room was familiar with my work and the Wade Alters brand…

But there was one question that kept coming up:

Do you still work with the guys from your old dating company?

And the answer is…. In today’s podcast! Lol

I explain what happened, why I made the move, and why so many people are afraid to take the leap of faith to start their own business:

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I try to always put the emphasis on what I can teach YOU, so there’s plenty of advice on how to take the leap and quit your own job in today’s podcast …

But most importantly, I know how bad it is to confuse the customer, and with so many guys asking the same question, I was inspired to record something to end the debate for good.


Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. jonathan clavet

    I’m listening to it rn, have been following your stuff for a couple years now.

    What the thing with your name? Did you change it or were you using a fake one or?

    1. Wade Alters

      Wade Alters is my real name. Previously I was using Brad as a pseudonym. 🙂

  2. Jesse Jardine

    Great podcast, I am trying to watch the other ones but cannot find them. The link at the bottom for “podcast” is a broken link and does not work… Hope it is fixed soon. I am in google chrome if that matters. Thanks!

  3. Cian Martin

    Interesting, Me and a friend are actually trying to start our own business. With startups,we were given many inspiring ideas but one was we would go through a small period of startup,sell and re startup. It really stood to me when the investor told us that. Also we would have to do a total immersion into the Startup lifestyle.Whats your experience in this situation?

  4. Julio Velez

    Great podcast. Makes sense that as you grow older you want to start your own business and have complete control. Especially in today’s age where it’s much easier to do so!

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