Here’s Why Most Digital Nomads Are Failures

Here’s Why Most Digital Nomads Are Failures

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I’m loving the weather in LA. I’m still not used to wearing a T-shirt & shorts during the winter lol.

Growing up I always wanted to live by the beach and escape the cold. And now it’s finally happened!

Back when I visited Thailand it really inspired me to wanna live a better lifestyle and live somewhere warm.

But there’s a few reasons why I didn’t settle down there (or any other Digital Nomad community).

… It’s not what most people think it is!

It’s over-glamorized because of social media and there’s a lot of flaws that you guys don’t get to see or hear about…

A major reason I didn’t settle down in Thailand?

Digital Nomads play it small.

A lot of them are freelancers, solopreneurs or somehow created another job for themselves…

And they don’t really wanna live a better lifestyle than that!

They don’t want true freedom.

They’re stuck on a plateau of working 30-40 hours a week and trading their time for money (instead of creating real value for money).

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Digital Nomad, here’s why you should reconsider:

  • Mindset shift if you truly want freedom & live your Perfect 10 lifestyle [3:50]
  • Why you’re not likely going to make 6-figures in a place like Thailand or Bali (and never be able to support a family) [6:30]
  • The plateau Digital Nomads get stuck on and blocks them from massive success (and how to avoid this mistake) [8:30]
  • #1 life hack to reaching new levels and surrounding yourself with people making the income & lifestyle you want [13:40]


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And as always…


– Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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