How I Launched 6-Figure Products w/ YouTube!

How I Launched 6-Figure Products w/ YouTube!

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Here’s how I launched courses that made me hundreds of thousands through YouTube (like Lifestyle Academy & The Baseline):

There’s 5 key things you need with a YouTube channel to know when you’re ready.

1. Are you getting tired of putting out content and losing the “fire” for it?

At first, getting the views and traffic to your videos is super-exciting. 

There’s so much growth and it’s a good indicator that you’re onto something!

But I’ve found – with myself & clients – that it wears off eventually. 

You begin to lose meaning in it… 

And simply doing it for the views isn’t enough anymore.

There needs to be something more.

AKA this is a sign that you’re ready to turn your content and channel into a business.

Where each view MATTERS and it can add a bottom-line revenue to your brand & business.

Getting you fully invested into what you’re doing, with a deeper purpose. 

2. You want to help your audience on a deeper level.

If your content inspires your audience to want to change, transform or become better, then you’re onto something.

If you hit on a pain-point, then there’s an opportunity to get your audience to invest in themselves. 

And as the expert & authority they watch, you’re in the most qualified position to help them with that transformation.

And there’s 3 more important keys in this week’s video.

Check Out How You Can Launch A 6-Figure Product Yourself

And as always…


~ Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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