How Kim Kardashian Uses Her Massive Ego To Manipulate The Masses

I love teaching the concept of “Extreme Self-Love”.

It all started when my mentor, Dan Kennedy, showed me the book ‘The Productive Narcissist’.

It’s written by a crazy dude who won a Harvard Business Review award for his research on narcissism, Michael Maccoby.  

And it shows how narcissism is a key trait with the world’s most successful people because they deeply believe in their own vision & view of the world.

i.e: Kim Kardashian

She has an obsession of being the center of attention, posting scandalous photos, and changing her body to extreme limits.

… All for the attention.

Because she can influence others with her body image, she creates beauty products for her followers and becomes a billionaire.

But guess what? You can do it too.

We’re living in the era of the Personal Brand, where anyone with a voice, expertise and the right marketing knowledge can influence others.

And like the old dating principle I taught back in the day…

“The person with the strongest frame, wins”

So if you deeply believe in yourself, your view and vision of the world and how it should be …

Check out this week’s podcast where you’ll learn:

  • Whether you have hidden narcissistic potential that’s going to waste because you’re not using it effectively.
  •   The unapologetic attitude you need to block out the haters and doubters to manifest the life you want.
  •  How to selfishly live in alignment with your values rather than worrying about what other people think so you can and impact others through your vision / idea / product.

And as always…


– Wade

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