How To Create The Ultimate Social Circle: The Secret To Winning Friends

How To Create The Ultimate Social Circle: The Secret To Winning Friends

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I’ve been coaching my girlfriend, Dana, on how to make friends lately.

She recently started a new job, and with the move to LA, she’s had to re-adjust her social circle and start meeting new people.

It’s giving me flashbacks to my old coaching days, where we’ll be out at an event, and I’ll tell her to go approach someone and how to start a conversation LOL.

It’s easy for some and harder for others, depending upon how social or “popular” you were growing up.

The funny thing is, even though those grade-school days are long behind us, we still carry a lot of baggage into our identity today.

It can do some serious damage to our self-esteem, thinking that we deserve less than ideal behaviours from others.

We put ‘glass-ceilings’ on to what we think we’re worthy of.

One thing that I always keep coming back to, and hammer home is:

“It’s never your identity, it’s always your strategy”

Part of that strategy is interrupting negative thoughts.

Like “never being the cool kid” or thinking “these people are better than me”.

Anything that leads to unproductive behaviour.

So you’ll need some mindfulness to interrupt those thoughts and stop them in their tracks.

But to actually fix these problems, it’s important to start building social momentum!

It’s not going to fall into your lap organically.

We don’t have classrooms where it’s easy to socialize with friends and create important shared experiences anymore.

And you know, we’re the average of our 5 closest friends.

The quality of our relationships plays a big role in our overall quality of life.

SO if you want to learn the keys to levelling up your social circle, making new friends, and hanging out with people you’ve always wanted to…

Check out this week’s podcast on the social dynamics of making friends, create long lasting relationships and become the best, most successful version of yourself with the right people surrounding and influencing you to reach your potential & have a lot of fun doing it too.

And as always,


– Wade


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Wade Alters

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