Inside The Mind of Tai Lopez’s Copywriter: Mikhail Kuznetsov

Inside The Mind of Tai Lopez’s Copywriter: Mikhail Kuznetsov

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Yo whatup!

I’m sure you know who Tai Lopez is, right?

I actually met him back in 2013 with a bunch of other dating coaches.

Back at the time, he had a much smaller mansion compared to the one he has today.

It’s crazy to see how far he’s come since then and the massive success he’s seen.

Not only does he have a bigger mansion, lambo’s, girls… but more businesses and his social media has reached new levels.

Wanna know the biggest differences that’s brought him to where he is today?

This is truly going the behind the scenes that no one ever gets to see…

One that shapes all his snapchat stories, the purpose of the mansion, cars, girls, books…

You ready?

It’s his copywriting.

He had really good copywriters working for him.

And one of his secret weapons, who was his best copywriter, was Mikhail.

People see where Tai is today and don’t realize where he’s come from and what he’s had to do, to get to where he is today.

But there’s a backstory of climbing to success, coming from nothing, just like most other entrepreneurs out there.

So I had Mikhail, his former copywriter and right-hand man, join me on this week’s podcast.

Because to stand out against all the noise, you need to know what you’re doing.

We go behind the scenes on the podcast on some advanced tips for copywriting, marketing, human psychology, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.

Check out how you can learn how to leverage copywriting to build a successful social media presence for your business on this week’s podcast:

  • Why Personal Brands are the newest marketing trend and how it creates more accountability to for trust in your audience to buy from you [49:00]
  • The process of creating an ‘irresistible offer’ and the signs to know when you’ve made one [17:30]
  • The copywriting techniques behind Tai’s social media that sold over $10 million dollars in online courses and how you can apply them to your own product or service.
  • The comfort zone trap that most people get stuck in (and why they’re afraid to fail) [35:50]


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And as always…


– Wade


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