The Life Stages Each Man Must Go Through On The Pathway To Ultimate Success

The Life Stages Each Man Must Go Through On The Pathway To Ultimate Success

With today’s podcast falling on my birthday, I’ve decided to get a bit introspective and talk about the different life stages all men go through on the path to success…

It was a fun episode, as I get into everything from reflecting on my early start with self-development, the breakdown of each life stage of a man, some of the pitfalls/mistakes I’ve made, as well as common mistakes I’ve seen with my clients.

Damn, 34… I’m OLDDDD!!! Lol, just kidding, since I plan to live to 120, 30 is the new 15. HAHAHA!

Anyway, enjoy today’s podcast:

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If you only take away one thing from this podcast, it’s BE PATIENT AND PLAY THE LONG GAME!

Especially guys in their 20s, they are in such a hurry to be successful, that they end up creating more problems than necessary…

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Wade Alters

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  1. Jose

    AMAZING podcast, Brad!
    Really resonate with me

    See you in Vegas 🙂

  2. Diego

    Its funny how lots of us feel that you post the right content at the right time.
    I just turned 30 and this resonates with me completely. Cheers!

  3. Manvir

    Amazing insights! Definitely resonated with doing too many things at once and choosing how to use your mental bandwidth!

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