Is She “The One?” Don’t Settle Down Too Soon!

Is She “The One?” Don’t Settle Down Too Soon!

So I’m sure by now you know that I used to be a dating coach, running large seminars and taking guys out to nightclubs, helping them upgrade their dating lives.

Since then, I’ve mostly focused on entrepreneurship. Growing my own business, and helping other entrepreneurs as a life coach and what I call “Therapy without the certificate.” LOL

But the more entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, the more I’ve noticed a pattern. A consistent pattern that’s holding a lot of guys back from reaching the next level.

And it has NOTHING to do with your marketing funnel, your sales process, or working too hard…

It’s your girlfriend.

It’s finding that fine balance between growing your business, but not neglecting the rest of your life.

Or wasting all your mental bandwidth wondering if she’s “The One,” instead of committing one way or the other, and losing precious hours where you should be thinking about your work.

And being uniquely qualified as a former dating coach, currently in a thriving, loving, amazing relationship for the last 5 years…

Here’s the #1 criteria I’ve found to know with CERTAINTY that she’s the one:

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Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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