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After 13+ years in the coaching industry, helping thousands of clients around the world, spanning every topic from:

Dating advice, self development, persuasion, time management, marketing consulting, and even high ticket sales trainings…

I’ve decided to give you the chance to get 96% off my entire life’s work – the very same collection of courses that have sold for a combined total of more than $7,574.

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Here’s Why I’m Giving Away My Entire Life’s Work For Only $297

Until very recently, having access to the complete systems and strategies I’m offering you today was only available to my Chosen 20 coaching clients…

But as our business continues to transition almost entirely towards consulting and done-for-you copywriting projects, we’ve decided to take literally ALL of my products and courses…


Place them inside our private members area, and give you the chance to access them all for a mere fraction of the combined total price.

Here’s what’s included:

1. The Sales Seduction System (Sold For $1,997.00)

Fewer than 100 people have ever seen this rare footage, where I reveal my proven process for creating and launching “Hybrid Online Courses.”

In this class I’m going to share with you how to build a highly profitable 6-figure coaching or consulting business in less than 8 weeks.

So whether you have a following already (YouTube channel, podcast, or Instagram following) and you want to learn the best way to monetize your content…

Or you’re starting from scratch, and want to learn how to make sales as fast as possible using only free content…

When you take advantage of this limited time offer, you’ll gain access to the entire program today.

2. The Lifestyle Academy (VIP Package – Sold for $1,197.00)

After the success of my first product launch, I started mentoring a few clients in what I called “Lifestyle Development” and was completely blown away by their results!

From huge job promotions, to jump-starting 7 figure businesses, to massive increases in motivation, and blasting through YEARS of bad habits and procrastination…

And as the results piled in, I realized I needed to get these tools to more people, resulting in the creation of my hugely popular Lifestyle Academy training.

With hundreds of people going through the program, and multiple updates to the course, here’s your chance to get the entire program designed to:

“Rewire Your Brain” – Giving you the clarity and direction to master your: Dating Life, Finances, Career, Health, Emotions, and Freedom – Faster than you ever thought possible…

This one’s truly a “must-have” no matter what your goals are, and it’s included when you buy today.

3. The Baseline to Success (VIP Package – Sold for $1,797.00)

The “Baseline to Success” is a field-tested, 10 Step video program, that can best be described as my “Inner Game Manifesto.”

From harnessing the hidden powers of your subconscious mind, to mastering the arts of persuasion, intimidation, and assertiveness…

This course is still regarded by many clients to be the most impactful experience in their lives, and reveals the step by step coaching process I use with my VIP coaching clients, normally requiring a $10,000 fee and currently closed to new clients.

Instead of investing $10,000 PLUS 6 months of your time, you’ll get the entire system today when you buy The WA Legacy Collection.

4. The 3i Time System (Sold for $47.00)

Don’t let the low price fool you. The only reason I never charged more for this program was because it was a great front-end offer to find new coaching clients.

This course walks you through the exact time management system I used to travel to over 40 countries WHILE building a multi-six figure business AND living my ideal lifestyle (Which was lots of traveling, adventures, and nightclubs at the time!)

The 3i Time System will give you a top-down overview over your entire life, and then step by step integrate your days, weeks, and months in perfect alignment.

This way you always know what’s the highest leverage thing you need to do next, what’s the most effective way to do it – and how to balance it all without creating the stress or overwhelm.

5. Elite Level Networking (Sold for $47.00)

Imagine your 5 closest friends all having successful businesses in your industry, or VIP access to the hottest clubs, or cutting edge health advice…

And being able to call them up any time you want. Getting free advice from an expert who’s a close friend and emotionally invested in your success.

Imagine finding that perfect mentor that you would never be able to afford, and having them work with you for free (And be actively engaged in making sure you’re successful)…

That’s just some of what you’ll learn in this program, and it’s included as part of the legacy collection when you buy today.

6. Rapid Persuasion (VIP Package – Sold for $797.00)

You’ll also gain access to my Rapid Persuasion program, with over 5 hours of content to help you become more influential, authoritative, and persuasive.

You’ll learn how to build a bullet-proof confidence to handle any situation, know instantly when people are lying to you, and exactly how to gain their trust fast.

If you want the fast track to power, influence, and success in your career or industry – This is a great place to start!

And it’s all included when you get The WA Legacy Collection today.

7. The Syndicate 3-Year Archives (Sold for $1,692.00)

And finally, in 2014 I started a monthly membership called The Syndicate…

Where every month I’d create a new “Success Blueprint” about some area of self development or business.

Over the course of 3 years, it turned into a full on VAULT with video trainings covering every shortcut, system, and tactic I’ve used through out my coaching career to help you reach new heights in your business, relationships, and success.

From stress management, to financial freedom, cashflow trackers, and even sleep hacks…

You’ll also gain access to YEARS of recorded answers from VIP group calls, broken down into easy to search answers inside the members area.

Here’s Everything You Get:

Total Value: $7574

You Get It All Today For:


You’re literally saving over $7,000 today. That’s 96% off the combined total that these products have sold for in the past!

WARNING: As the business continues to evolve away from coaching and digital products, this may be your last chance EVER to access these programs online.

They are no longer available for purchase separately, but you can grab them ALL today for nearly 96% OFF!

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Wade Alters
CEO Wade Alters Consulting

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