The Art of Persuasion: A Step by Step Guide to Influencing Others And Getting What You Want

WARNING: The concepts you are about to learn in today’s podcast can be used for good or bad, so PLEASE only use these materials for good as they are super powerful!

The ability to persuade and influence others has been one of the most important skills I have developed and evolved over the years.

The breakthrough changes I’m able to create in my clients is a direct reflection of this power, but it’s also been hugely valuable as a marketer, entrepreneur, and even increased the quality of my relationships: friends, family, and girlfriend…

The thing is, most people have some mystical view of what persuasion is….when in truth it’s actually a very practical matter, luckily I explain it all for you in today’s podcast.

Check it out:

“Know thyself” is such an integral part of my coaching, and an essential part of achieving any level of success.

It’s so empowering because it fundamentally shows you that ALL change is under your control!

Did you listen to the part about the 3 types of communicators? Which one are you?

Let me know in the comments below, and bonus points if you can guess which one I am!

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