The Glass Ceiling: Why 90% Of People Will NEVER Be Cool

Today’s video I give ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE to calibrate flawlessly with “The cool kids.”

Also I go in depth into an old concept of mine: The Silverback Gorilla vs The Alpha Wolf

With actual National Geographic footage of Silverback gorillas!   Hahaha

Check it out:


I hope you enjoyed the vid! Cute little alpha gorilla thinking he’s hot shit! Haha

And yes, I used to call myself Brad… But my real name really is WADE!

Also, I’ve got a quick question for you…

What do you think of the vibe in this video?

I’m trying to amp up the intensity a bit more and was wondering if it came across better compared to previous videos…

Or if you prefer the old style.

Let me know!

And as always… ENJOY!

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