The Guru Model

The Guru Model

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Audio Masterclass Show Notes:

[0:35] The best model for scaling your company fast, high profit margins, multiple revenue streams & unlimited traffic & leads for free
[3:35] What to do when you’re just starting off, have no brand, no traffic and how you can scale the business fast
[4:55] How the Sales Seduction process and how it sets up your own successful high-ticket business model 
[9:25] The TRUE purpose of content and how it creates profits for your business 
[13:01] The back-end of my business model 

It blows my mind that you can make over $100k/year doing YouTube videos.

5 year olds can make YouTube videos…!

(But obviously they don’t know how to make any money from it).

There’s also YouTubers who have 1 million Subscribers and they’re barely making ends meet…

I can’t believe how unaware they are.

They should be making at least $1 per subscriber.

But hey, when I launched my 1st digital product (Evolutions) I had no idea that it would sell over $100k.

I was clueless about online marketing at that time… (But I did have a great brand and stumbled across great mentors).

After that, I knew I could teach whatever I wanted and still make over 6 Figures.

So I left the dating company to start my own business.

(As much as I loved being a Dating coach, there was a lot of bullsh*t that came with that job and pissed me off).

I went into Self-Development and launched the Lifestyle Academy.

… And sold over $1.2M in the first 18 months. It was EPIC.

The funny part is, people started asking me how I was so successful with the dating niche AND self-development…

And the biggest thing I learned was a massive mistake that cost me $500k.

I should have charged way more than $69 for my 1st product (Evolutions).

Because of the power of the Guru model.

Shooting a ‘Morning Routine’ vid for my Lifestyle Development clients.

Super happy that I don’t have to listen to bosses telling me what to do!

What I’m about to show you is how Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk (and the best in the business) monetize their brand.

Their front-end influencer content brings in the traffic, but their back-end converts over $700M.

I see a lot of people inspired to follow their path and copy the ‘Guru’ model so they can live an amazing lifestyle.

The problem is…  they don’t understand the back-end of how this business really works.

They don’t know how to create the ‘Guru’ effect that will have people looking up to them, inspired to follow their success.

So click here to check out the secret “The Guru Effect” and how to add an extra $10-15k/month to your business!

And as always…


– Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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