“The ONE Thing” Billionaires Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Credit All Their Success To

I’ve been struggling lately.

I haven’t been on my game…

When all of a sudden:

I stumbled across a vid with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (two of the richest men in the world) on the ONE thing they would credit all their success to.

They both looked at each other and had the same answer:


It’s something that I’ve been missing ever since the move to LA.

The elite habits I built up back in Chicago are gone.

I spend my mornings assembling IKEA furniture instead of reading…

Getting distracted by phone notifications and losing momentum…

Not eating healthy and feeling groggy and unenergized…

Since the move to LA, everything’s been out of whack.

I’m losing thousands of dollars a day from not optimizing.

But I’m gonna get them back.

I’ve been going on runs.

Freezing my body alive with cryotherapy.

And getting all the elite habits I used to have, back.

Because it’s not about how consistent you can be…

It’s about how quickly you can get back on the train after you’ve fallen off.

If you want to level up your habits, routines, and energize yourself to your max, check out this week’s podcast where I’m dropping the latest habits and routines that are gonna get me on Bill Gates & Warren Buffet levels.

And as always…


– Wade


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