The Truth About YouTube Success with Julien Blanc

The Truth About YouTube Success with Julien Blanc

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What’s congruent to you, but other people want and benefit from?” – Julien Blanc

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Julien’s Viral YouTube Video That Outraged The Masses

I recently met up with one of my old friends, Julien.

Many of you might know from back in the good old pickup days.

What you may not know is that we have both moved on from teaching dating advice to pursue something more authentic to our true calling.

It’s funny to see how our paths have grown & evolved so many years later.

Me with lifestyle development and Julien into spirituality & self-help.

It was also crazy to see how much hate we got after leaving the dating world.

Our fans became into haters, and told us to go back to what we were doing before.

But when we re-invent ourselves, we have to let go and surrender past our old-selves and evolve into what we’re authentic with.

Which leads me to this week’s podcast:

If you ever want to succeed on YouTube, Instagram, or Podcasts, there’s a balance of knowing when to listen to your audience, and when to ignore them.

They’ll help you master your content and tell you what direction to build it in.

But a good amount will sabotage, troll, and discourage you.

To win at this game, Julien and I discuss how we built our new audiences in the post-pickup world.

And how we crafted the perfect products for them that generated multiple 6-Figure sales.


Audio Masterclass Show Notes:

[1:35] Be able to re-invent yourself.
[2:43] How to find our niche & your voice.
[6:26] Customer avatar, what’s authentic & congruent to you & what people want & benefit from.
[8:40] How long it took Julien to find his voice in the self-help world.
[9:58] How your audience helps you to cultivate your message (and your products).
[10:45] Surviving the trolls, haters & negativity.
[12:52] Why it’s important to do something authentic to you, that’s your calling.
[15:30] If you identify with the positive feedback, you identify with the negative feedback.
[22:05] How to stand out vs. The competition.
[23:47] How to turn a following into a business.

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. Andy

    Thank you both for making this interview happen. Found this incredibly valuable, and to your point, if I heard it from someone else, it wouldn’t have resonated the same at all. Stellar, real advice from you guys.

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