The Value Of My Personal Brand

The Value Of My Personal Brand

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I’ve never had a real “job” (and don’t plan on getting one).

I have location independence and I get to choose how I want to structure my day (reading in the morning, mid-day naps, going to the gym in the early afternoon when no one is there…)

And I wouldn’t have been able to Santa Monica if it wasn’t for my Personal Brand.

All because I can help other people through creating content!

Without it, no one would ever know who I was, what I have to offer, and get the attention I need to run a successful business. 

It’s SUPER important to know what people care about and create valuable content that helps solve their problems.

Use Google Keyword Planner to start searching for terms that people are looking for (and how much traffic is searching for it) and seeing if you can fill the gap with their questions!

Once you begin to build an audience, it’s easier to transition to offering premium paid products that you can make money from.

And turn your Personal Brand into a business! Boooom!

Whether that’s through coaching, consulting or launching a course.

That’s what this week’s podcast is about: The Power of a Personal Brand and how to turn it into a business.

Click Here To Check It Out.

Also, I’ve started posting to YouTube again you guys can see my luscious, golden locks and see how tan I’m getting. Haha. 

As always,


– Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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