What To Do When It’s Not FUN Anymore…

What To Do When It’s Not FUN Anymore…

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So last week I turned 37…

And went to Mexico to celebrate with 12 of my friends and eat Tacos, drink Tequila and smoke cigars!

But before I went off, I thought about the last 15 years of being an entrepreneur:

… When I left the Dating / PUA world

… The pivots and “shiny objects” that got me off track

… And nearly killed me & my business

Ultimately, it was what I needed.

Because I had to “sculpt” my business.

To fit my message with the market.

Now I charge $25,000 for my copywriting services (plus back-end revenue sharing) through the unconventional path that’s gotten me here.

… And it was underneath my nose the entire time.

It was tough tho.

It stopped becoming “fun”.

I didn’t have any growth or fulfillment.

And I was getting health problems where I was digging myself into a grave.

I remember going to Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within, and seeing how everything he was saying I had heard him say before.

Just repeating himself, over and over again.

Telling the same stories, the same punchlines, with the same delivery… and loving every moment of it.

I thought, “How can he not be bored out of his mind by now?”

… But now I get it.

There’s a massive difference between grinding in your business and being in the FLOW.

And when you’re in the flow, you’re unstoppable.

Everything is confident and easy.

No resistance.

So… How do you do it?

Or find that spark that to re-energize yourself?

That’s what this week’s podcast is all about.

So check it out! If you find yourself feeling stuck, this will help you get out of that funk.

I’ve learned a thing or two from my 15 years as an entrepreneur that hopefully you can use to get yourself out.

And as always,

Enjoy! (And cheers)

– Wade

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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