4 Productivity “Hacks” That Will Make You Smarter, Happier, And More Successful

Is it just me, or is this year flying by?!

Already halfway through September, and 2018 is fast approaching!

Can’t complain though, the last 4-5 months have been amazing for our business, we’ve been blasting through revenue goals and getting ready to bring on a few new team members. Yay!

Btw, did you see last week’s email asking if you’re interested in starting a business online?

I’ve been getting more and more questions related to the topic, and wanted to create a few videos and podcasts based off of your feedback.

If you haven’t filled it out yet, here’s the link to a quick survey, it shouldn ‘t take more than 5 minutes to complete:

Click Here To Take The Survey

(If you fill out the survey you’ll also be entered to win a FREE coaching call with me. Winners will be announced next Monday!)

Anyway! Switching it up this week and went off to the park to record a quick video for you.

It’s all about FOCUS and inspired by 2 of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

You’ll learn a 4 step process to increase your focus, remove distractions, and streamle your day to get more done in less time.

Working with a new videographer, trying to add some visuals to make the videos more engaging. Enjoy!

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