Extreme Self Love Explained!

One of the first self development concepts I coined was “Extreme Self Love.”

It’s a form of extreme self esteem where you reframe EVERYTHING in your life in a way that increases your self esteem.

The problem most guys have is that they’re too hard on themselves, and then they don’t feel worthy…

Worthy of a gorgeous girl…

Worthy of financial success…

Worthy to network with highly successful people…

Etc. Etc. Etc.

What you need to do instead is take control of your self image! Here’s how to do it:


Lol, this is by far my favorite opening scene. I had been planning it for months, and I love how it turned out.

At times I think people think I’m this serious guy or something, but really I’m a goofball…

And it plays directly into what extreme self love is all about!

Embracing your own inner weirdness… Owning it unapologetically… And became that unique special snowflake that people are naturally attracted to.

As Always
– Enjoy

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. Tim

    This is interesting to watch this all these years later. I’ve been reading this book about an Australian special forces guy describing his selection training to get into the SAS. He talks about the trainers fucking with him during 72 hours of interrogation training and how they’d try to wobble his self esteem. There’s this part where he talks about how they had him naked with a guy abusing him and a girl laughing at his dick (a little short being it was night and he was covered in water ;). Well anyway he starts thinking back to this letter his karate trainer sent him as a kid when he first got his black belt.
    At another point in the book he talks about how he passes the course and is sitting down; hardly alive after 3 weeks of pure torture that most could not handle. A SAS officer looks at him ‘dead pan’ and then walks away. He said something like, ‘I looked at him and I thought ” I passed your fucking test and you can never take that away from me” ‘. I fucking love that because it’s a way of reframing people’s bullshit that they throw at you into motivation to love yourself more. This is something that I want to start learning to do better because I get rocked by people too easily, despite (probably even because of) my success in life and constant need to push barriers). I just wanted to post this because I’ve become depressed after a very rough year but I just LOVE the idea that you can interpret shit anyway you want and don’t have to stay convinced of the same disempowering story.

    1. Brad Branson

      Awesome man! Glad to hear you connected with the vid. That sounds like a crazy book!

    2. Jash

      So sick man, wow!

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