If Hugh Hefner Met Tony Robbins, This Is What You’d Get

If Hugh Hefner Met Tony Robbins, This Is What You’d Get

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You probably know that I’ve been with my girlfriend, Dana, for 6 years now.

So I’ve been out of the game for a little while…

But one of my good friends, Andrew Ferebee, Host of Knowledge For Men Podcast, just updated his book, The Dating Playbook, for 2019.

And although I distance myself from releasing this type of content nowadays…

It’s still important that guys know the fundamentals of attraction, dating and relationships.

As Andrew said, he “can’t stand seeing good dudes with no backbone be so weak and clueless with women”.

And with rise the #MeToo movement, Tinder & Bumble, female empowerment, it’s completely changed the way guys talk to women.

It’s CRAZY to see how technology has changed the game, especially with texting and social media.

(Like how getting her Instagram is the “new” phone number because it speeds up the process for her to get to know you, your lifestyle, social circle, etc.).

It’s a really great interview, and brought me back to those nostalgic pick-up days!

Anyways, this is a jam packed podcast with some great dating tips.

… And some foundational stuff every guy should know, like how much value he brings to a woman’s life just by being the man.

You don’t wanna miss it. Click HERE to check it out!

And as always…


– Wade


Andrew Ferebee from Knowledge For Men joined me on this week’s podcast to talk about his new book, The Dating Playbook. It’s a modern guide for men to meet women, a masterclass on becoming a Grounded Man that seeks to maximize life experience and create win-win relationships with women.

You can check out his book by Clicking Here.

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