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Lifestyle Creation : How to Never Be a Reed in The Wind

Last week I was on my annual trip out in the north words and I decided to shoot a quick video to help you get UNSTUCK….

This week it’s all about Lifestyle Creation and how to avoid being a “reed in the wind”.

Maybe I should have said you’re the one lost in the woods…and with so many guys when it comes to getting specific with what they want, LOST really is the right word.

In this weeks video I also get specific with what I’m working to do with this new channel and how you can get closer and closer to EXACTLY what you want.

If you let fear stop you from getting specific with your goals and aspirations, they will never be realized, you may never even figure out what they truly are.

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p.s something big is coming 😉

Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. D Arlando

    “But it’s so easy to be vague and non-committal. Everyone else is doing it.” When it’s time to let go of your past, your past tries to jump on your back. Remember this and this and this and what about this… I’m glad that you’re out here showing a different way of living and thinking. ‘Specificity’ has power in it because clarity creates confidence. That confidence radiates a focused energy. What returns is specific directions and guidance from the Universe. Nice post.

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