Contextual NOT Core : 5 Steps to Create REAL Confidence

Today is all about the what, why and how of confidence….I get down to brass tacks in the video and I break down The 5 Step proccess to destroy beliefs that are limiting you and create real lasting confidence.

Step 1 : Disconnecting Your Identity

Step 2 : Filling the Void

Step 3 : Reframe & Align Experiences

Step 4 : Stacking on the Success

Step 5 : Habitualize the Belief

Watch today’s video below to get my break down for each step:

“It’s never your IDENTITY it’s your STRATEGY”

Instead of saying “I am lazy” and identifying with laziness make it about your strategy….

“I am acting lazy”…..

Language is extremely important and once you can disconnect your identity, then you’ll be able to create a better strategy and find a solution.


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