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F*ck Growth: How Self-Help Sabotages Results

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Audio Masterclass Show Notes:

[7:01] Pattern Interrupt Old Beliefs & Thought Patterns + Mastering Your Emotions
[8:07] Re-Framing Negative Thoughts + Modelling Experts in Mindset
[16:29] No Matter What The Situation Is, The Process Is The Same
[21:55] Building Subconscious Self-Trust

Way Past My Comfort Zone. Own It Like A Boss

One thing I loved about being a Dating Coach was how far guys pushed their comfort zones.

There was a bootcamp one night in NY, at Brass Monkey, when one of my students got SO in state that he made out with 13 girls straight.

And not like a creepy type of make-out (sometimes guys force themselves onto girls). These girls were loving it.

And he didn’t say ANYTHING.  

He was going up to them and within 30 seconds he was passionately making out with them.

Purely off of eye contact, how he carried himself, and the energy he had.

It’s what made Pickup & Cold Approach so much fun.

Instant feedback and getting results.

The ability to adjust, learn and do it better next time.

But it gets a little more blurry in the “real world”…

Everything else lacks the solid structure that ‘game’ has.

… OR so that’s what most people think.

The reason most guys fail at business, dating and in their career is because of the comfort zone trap.

They know they should take-action, but they’re not doing it consistently and they’re falling behind.

And then they start reading Self-Help books to manage their anxiety, fear and to make themselves feel better.

They’re not in control of their lives… where they want to be…  and they start hating and rationalizing their results.

That’s why having mentors and coaches are so important.

They push you forward with the goals and the lifestyle you want to create and they know what it’s like to navigate past those difficult situations. 

Even though some can do it without mentors, the success-rate is much higher when you have them around (in my experience, around 90% higher).

If don’t have any mentors, today’s podcast will help ensure you’re always moving in the right direction.

Clearly focus on how to stop sabotaging yourself and overcome procrastination.



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