Doctor to Dating Coach to NOW : How to Live YOUR Ideal Lifestyle

Doctor to Dating Coach to NOW : How to Live YOUR Ideal Lifestyle

So imagine this…It’s the first week of class…I’m wearing those light blue scrubs from head to toe…With a white lab coat on…Feeling accomplished… Already looking like a doctor…

And I walk into my first human anatomy lab…To the smells of formaldehyde and antiseptics… Seeing rows of metallic grey tables… Each with a sparkly clean set of scalpels placed next to our own “personal” cadavers…

The instructor introduces himself… Explains a bit about the class… And just like that… We’re off! Carving into this dead human body…

Annnnddd… I realize almost immediately… That “I do NOT belong here”…

Watch the video below to find out more:

Don’t make the mistake of living someone else’s life and don’t let other’s control who you are and what you do I’ve made that mistake in the past and don’t want that to happen to you.

It’s been a wild ride….but after find my purpose in life is I have been able to create a lifestyle I love and I wake up every morning excited and energized.


As always….


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Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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