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The Ladder Of Success: How Thinking Big Leads To FAILING Fast

Imagine it’s a cold winter night and you’re driving through a snowstorm.

It’s pitch black, thick white snowflakes are blowing past your windshield, and all you can do is focus on the few feet ahead of your car, hoping your headlights keep you on the right path.

Your journey in life is much the same, and too often my clients are trying to focus on the big picture, or how things will be 10 years from now, instead of paying attention to what’s most important.

Which is what today’s video is all about:

Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have long term goals, but there’s only so much “mental bandwidth” that you can use each day…

So focus on the highest leverage thing that will move you forward the fastest…and make sure to find mentors that are “a few rungs on the ladder” ahead of you to speed up your learning curve.

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Wade Alters

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