The Secret To Selling High-Ticket Courses in 2019: The NEW Hybrid Model

The Secret To Selling High-Ticket Courses in 2019: The NEW Hybrid Model

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So I was looking at my recent podcast downloads (which just doubled again … wow) and saw that one of my most popular episodes was:

Why 2017 Was The END of Digital Products

So I thought I would do a quick follow up to this.

Because the trends are for releasing digital products is a hybrid of what it used to be.

I cover this in my new Sales Seduction course, and literally just took a part straight out of it for this week’s podcast…

(I got caught up in revamping this week’s webinar and had no time to record a new episode lol).

So if you’ve ever thought about doing your own product launch, or you want to know how I’ve been able to do multiple 6-figure product launches… strap yourself in!

Because it’s becoming harder and harder to sell high-ticket courses without incorporating this feature into it.

It adds massive value to not only your customer, but to your sales.

And although it seems like it’s just “another thing” you have to do that takes time away from your business…

It’s actually the opposite.

By using this insight, you get to know them on a much deeper level and understand their pains and frustrations…

Which allows you to tweak your marketing message and promote your digital course 10X more effectively to get more sales and people into your course.

So if you’re interested in learning how I’ve launched multiple 6-figure digital products in the past 8 years, then check this cutting-edge episode out on how to create online courses that SELL.

Let me know if you have any follow up thoughts or questions by replying to this email.

And as always…


– Wade


This week’s podcast episode is taken from my NEW Sales Seduction course on how to create digital products that sell in 2019.

If you wanna learn more about it, you can check it [Click Here]

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