The Single Best Way To Stay Motivated Every Day

The Single Best Way To Stay Motivated Every Day

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Motivation isn’t magic.

Like Tony Robbins says, “People aren’t lazy. They simply do not have goals that inspire them”.

It’s been amazing helping my SS clients get some massive wins recently (one guy has closed multiple clients and made over $2,000 in under a month already).

And it’s been great to see how driven everyone is to make their goals happen.

A bunch of guys have what I call the “Move Towards” Motivation strategy.

Where they’re motivated by where they want to be in life and moving towards that vision.

It’s super important to know HOW you’re motivated.

Because if you overwhelm yourself with massive goals, it’s going to feel like an impossible mountain to climb.

It’s also one of the reasons why 98% of people don’t achieve their New Years Resolutions…

Small chunking and lowering your standards are key to creating that “escape velocity” that propels your momentum.

So what motivates YOU more?

Moving towards your goals?

Or moving away from what you DON’T want?

Check out what I mean in this week’s podcast…

The Single Best Way To Stay Motivated Every Single Day (Click Here To Listen).

And as always,


– Wade


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