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This Habit Supercharges Your Productivity

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Is someone an addict if they’re a work-a-holic?

Because when it comes to a few of my coaching clients, they always feel like there’s MORE to be done – so they *think* stepping away from work is a waste of time.

(These are entrepreneurs & professionals making millions or make at least 6-figures).

I have to almost SHAME them into getting exercise.

I secretly manipulate them with NLP tactics lol.

You have to be willing to do what’s best for people – even if they’re against it.

It’s kind of like stopping an addict from doing drugs…

I step in like their parent (authority), and tell them it’s for their own good.

Because IT IS.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you’re lying in a hospital bed and can’t move.

(Caveat: You need money to pay for hospital bills).

But the extra million or $100K people sacrifice for is useless.

That’s what lifestyle development is about… being your best self.

In ALL areas of your life.

I can’t believe how simple Phil Knight’s (Nike Founder & CEO) strategy was for dealing with stress was.

The guy is a billionaire, yet does something that anyone could do to improve their health (but no one does).

Wanna know what it was?

You might be able to guess… But check out this week’s podcast to find out!

As well as NLP tactics that gets massive buy-in to take action, even when you don’t want to.

(This was my secret getting guys to approach and seduce women when I was an Executive Dating Coach)

And as always,


– Wade



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