This iTunes Top 100 Podcaster Had No Idea What He Was Doing When He Started – And Now He Has a 7-Figure Business


Wade here, and I just finished recording a podcast with one of my friends, AJ, whose built a 7-figure business from his podcast.

(That’s us above recording this week’s episode)

I’m not quite there yet (still working my way up from 6-figures…)

So I had to ask him: How did he do it?

Long gone are the days of leaving business cards in men’s bathroom stalls to promote his brand!

But he said that if you want to have a successful podcast, you have to focus on 3 key things.

Wanna know what they are?

It doesn’t just apply to podcasting, but if you’re making ANY content, it will help you stand out against your competition.

Check out this week’s episode of The Wade Alters Show where we break down these 3 key things and how you can use them to stand out from what everyone else is putting out there.

You can check it out here

I also got AJ to reveal how he monetized his podcast, without realizing he was sitting on a treasure chest all along.

Give it a listen and it’ll instantly boost your content game.

And as always,



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