Killing The Fantasies : 5 Steps to Find a Career You Love

Step 1: Take control

Step 2: Kill the Highlight Reel Effect

Step 3: Prioritize Your Passion

Step 4: Take Bigger Risks

Step 5: Play The Long Game

Watch today’s video below to get my break down for each step:

What this all comes down to is if you’re always dreading the day ahead and have zero motivation to get your ass out of bed…there’s something wrong and we need to fix it.

You’re not supposed to a hate a day of the week….

Finding a career you love and are passionate about is such a large chunk of your life and can be such a great source of fulfillment…..and there is a place for everyone under the sun when if comes to this.

Everyone has that “personal power”…the area where they can summon “genius” it’s just about finding out exactly WHERE and HOW!!!!

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