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The 6 Commandments of Cashflow


So I’ve been working basically nonstop for the past 3 weeks on the new Success Blueprint: The Cashflow Pyramid…

It’s a 3 stage system, where we first dive into the “inner game” side of wealth, and then build off of that with some tools to track your personal and business finances to better predict the success of your business.

Usually when I create these Blueprints the outline is about 15 pages or so, but this one just kept growing and growing… Leading to over 30 pages of notes on the topic.

There was a lot of new material, and it was the first time I’ve aggregated a lot of the “inner game” money mindsets in one place, and I thought that topic would be a great idea for a podcast…

Which leads us to today’s post. So click below and check it out!

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This one just straight flowed in one take, as like I said I’ve been thinking about this content nonstop for 3 weeks now.

I would LOVE to hear what you think of it, shoot me a comment below with your thoughts or any other questions!

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Wade Alters

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    It’s much easier to unstadernd when you put it that way!

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