Fuck The 4 Hour Week : What it Really Takes to Be Successful in Business with Andre Janus

Killer entrepreneur, multi million dollar business owner and my friend Andre Janus is back on the show, this time imparting the cold hard truth about what you need to make it in the business sphere of the 21st century and beyond.

We crack into everything from the advice he’d give to his 18 year old self to death and our incoming immortality!!!

Check it all out in today’s episode:

Biggest Take away:

The world is changing more rapidly than ever and the one thing we can all be certain of is the ever present uncertainty.

None of us know how long we are going to live…will it be to 80years… 100… Or maybe more?

The point is, the days of retiring at 60 and living out the rest of your days gardening are over. So you better find something you want to be in…for the long haul, having a real purpose…Something bigger than the 4 hour work week bullshit or sipping Cristal in ibiza.

It’s about building real wealth and BEING IN ALIGNMENT. Make sure you go back and really listen to today’s podcast through and through or you’ll be missing out on some seriously important lessons.

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