How To Organize Your Life & Get More Done In Less Time

How To Organize Your Life & Get More Done In Less Time

First off I’ll give you the TLDR if you want to make the transition into being more productive, more effective and get out of 1i time and into 2i time (& eventually 3i Time, I’ll explain what 1i time means later) you need to follow these core rules.

Value Yourself & Your Time

You can have all of the strategies and different techniques in the world, but if you don’t have the follow through because you don’t believe in yourself or you don’t value yourself enough, then you’re just going to let people walk all over you and fall back into old patterns and routines.

Assert Your Values

Don’t let others dictate their values over your own, a great example of this is email, it’s putting someone else’s agenda ahead of your own.

Every time you get an email it’s saying answer this, respond to this, buy this and that’s someone else agenda and instead of your own so you need to create special rules, protocols and disciplines for yourself to say ok…”when am I going to deal with this” and then get back to focusing on what you need to do as well as having time to get rid of certain distractions completely.

Enforce Your Rules & Boundaries

Remind yourself to stick to the parameters you have set for yourself, constantly check yourself, it’s so easy to be pulled off focus by a text, email or phone call. Once you have determined the best way for you to be effective and strategic, stick with it.

Create Structure

With structure comes freedom, the more structure you create to get the things that need to be done out of the way the more “free” time you’ll have.

Set yourself up to say ok, these are the hours I’m going to set aside for whatever I want, then by being diligent and sticking to your own structure, you’ll end up having more time than you ever thought possible.

So that Thoreau quote at the top of this page is one of my favorites.

The truth is most people are walking through life in a daze, letting the environment and other people dictate their decisions, actions and behaviors.

Not taking risks out of fear of embarrassment, caught up in what other people think of them. Too afraid to go for what they want, whether it be to go approach some girl or start a new business, because again “what would everyone else think if I failed”.

I call this “1i Time”

People living in 1i time allow their emotions to dictate their actions….emotions especially bad ones come from a low consciousness head space.

Things like sadness, anger and depression pull people into what I call a downward spiral of sadness and from that place they make poor decisions that are neither effective or moving them toward the kind of success they’re after.

On top of all that with modern day technology….things like social media and email you’re getting constant notifications on your smart phone that pull you off of focus.

Truth is there’s no such thing as multi-tasking, it all comes down to micro focuses, so if you’re trying to pay attention/working at something, being effective and productive…then all of a sudden your smart phone rings…”Boop” a newsfeed notification saying someone liked your picture……

It all pulls you off of focus, robs you of your mental clarity, takes all that away from being with your friends, being present and sucks you into the grey zone.

You get stuck there never really present at the times when you should be, around the people that you want to be.

Instead of recovering in those moments and enjoying your time there you’re constantly pulled away..and you end up living life again in a daze.

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Wade Alters

Founder and Lead Trainer of Wade Alters Consulting

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  1. Matt

    Great post!

    You nailed it with the importance of self belief and sticking to your own boundaries.

    I struggled with this same topic the last 30 days as I’ve reshaped my morning routine to wake up 2 hours earlier. My chief problem was that I used my phone to keep track of time and I didn’t value my time enough to not look at those notifications. The simple solution of keeping my phone on airplane mode for those 2 hours helped me regain that clarity.

    Strategy and structure will get you far only if you believe in your own self worth. Your time needs to be the most precious resource that’s out there.

    Keep up the good work!

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