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Your Parents Suck : How Old Patterns Hold You Down & How to Break Free

They say that 80% of our personality is set in stone by the time you’re just four years old.

It’s those early vulnerable years where you’re at the whim of your environment, with no one to model but your parents, who shape and mold your behavior…

Leading to YOU. “Who you are” and your identity which can never be changed… Or can it?!

Listen to today’s podcast to become the best version of yourself and break free of the old patterns that used to define you and hold you back:

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It’s true, as human beings we’re closer to Pavlov’s Dogs than anything else…

We’ve learned behaviors in those formative years and anchored them, leading to being overly self critical or having a flawed self image.

And the sad thing is, many times these behaviors happened for no reason at all! Maybe our dad was just having a bad day at work, or stubbed his toe and the 2 year old version of yourself misinterpreted what happened…

And here you are 20-30-40 years later… Letting behaviors you learned at TWO YEARS OLD dictate your destiny!

Always remember:

Your Personality is NOT your Destiny!

This is something I find extremely empowering and you should too, because no matter what aspect of your personality or whatever deep seated pattern you’ve got pressing down on your life, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!!

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