From 3 Year Slog To Success: The Paradigm Shift That Transformed My Consulting Biz To 6-Figures

Building a successful business is like crafting a sculpture. You’re probably not gonna make the perfect sculpture on your first try.

You need patience, focus and vision to create your masterpiece. You gonna make mistakes and you have to keep practicing until you get better.

It’s the same with building a business. Finding the right angle, testing, getting feedback, and continual refinement until you’ve made a masterpiece.

But it’s not for everyone though… Just like how some people aren’t artistic and creative, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur either.

With all the Gary Vee’s, Tai Lopez’s and Pat Flynn’s talking about how you should be your own boss, at the end of the day, not everyone can do it.

What I’ve found working with my Chosen 20 Clients (high-level, minimum 6-figure entrepreneurs) is there’s a certain “lifecycle” that each entrepreneur goes through in his journey to success.

It tests your ability to handle and overcome problems and find solutions to make it work.

When I screen potential clients for coaching, I meet a lot of people that think they have “The Perfect Idea”.

Let me tell you right now…

The perfect idea doesn’t exist.

There’s a process that successful entrepreneurs overcome called “The 3 Year Slog”.

It’s about trimming the fat from your business and seeing if you have the ambition to make things happen, handle uncertainty, take risks and believe in yourself.

Check out this week’s podcast episode on the “3 Year Slog” and see how you can come out the other end with a successful, high-level business that delivers massive value for your customers.

Click here to check it out.

And as always…


~ Wade

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