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The Cheezy Little Word That Helped Me “Grow A Pair” And Build Epic Confidence

I’m going solo in this podcast talking about WORDS. ┬áSeriously, lol…

Some of the biggest transformational coaching techniques I’ve developed were from getting super precise on picking out the words that people use, and how to change their language… ┬áTo change their life.

In this episode I talk a bit how to do that yourself, and some words that really were game-changers for myself.

So check out the podcast, and let me know what you think of this topic, as it’s one of my faves but really only explain these things in my one-on-one sessions…

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Wade Alters

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  1. Boris

    Nice podcast. I can relate to your story and how words (and thus the meanings your give to things shape your life)

    Your can use linguistics to socially construct yourreality, since your words are shaped by their expression (what they mean to you). Your words also play a role in shaping the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, meanings you give to every object or experience in the world.

    So you can shape your reality. Use words, images, voices, sounds you can identify with. These words will become a part of who you are.

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