Gun to the Head Motivation : How Create a Sense of Urgency to Achieve Massive Success

Think of someone you really care about…

It could be your mom, dad, girlfriend hell it could even be you…

Got it ?

Ok now imagine for a second that this person became so sick, that getting the right doctor or the right medication was the difference between life and death.

Knock on wood…..I hope you never have to experience anything like that but, I have question for you.

How motivated would be to do any and everything in your power to save someone you care about ?

Would you just throw up your hand and say “I can’t bother” or “I guess I tried” ?

Chance are you’d go to ends of the earth to save them…so why should your success be any different ?

Well that’s what today’s podcast is all about……with a little something I like to call : “Gun to the Head Motivation”

What separates the .1 % of high achievers is a sense of urgency…that “do or die” mentality is what will propel you toward massive success.

As always


PS. I’ve been hard at work on version 2 of The Baseline and it’s level 8 “Gun to the Head Motivation” that inspired today’s podcast…

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